H3D partners with Dynamic Ear Company

Dynamic Ear Company and H3D team up to produce AutoDesign for hearing protection solutions.

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Dynamic Ear Company (DEC) and H3D today announced their collaboration for the implementation of DEC acoustic filter and custom ear mould canal design rules into H3D AutoDesign AI for the modelling of custom-fitted hearing protection solutions. The automatic modelling of the mould and canal reduces a lab’s reliance on the availability of highly-trained CAD modelers thereby reducing CAD lead times whilst ensuring the design consistency required for certified hearing protection.

Dynamic Ear Company

DEC approved custom ear mould canal designs are accessible in H3D’s automated CAD system, AutoDesign. AutoDesign, the first commercially available automated design software for the modelling of custom in ear moulds, is able to model custom hearing protection specifically for DEC acoustic filters.


The collaboration makes it easier than ever for companies entering the hearing protection market to produce optimised custom fit hearing protection for DEC acoustic filters. Simply upload a digitised ear impression to the AutoDesign servers and within 90 seconds receive a 3D print-ready file, ready to use DEC’s range of flat attenuating MEMBRANE filters, impulse filters for shooting and industry and industrial MESH filters.

Partnering with H3D was a great opportunity for DEC. Implementation of our canal design allows our range of high-performance passive filters in custom moulded hearing protection to be made available anywhere in the world, even where skilled CAD modellers are unavailable.”, said Steve Collicott Business Development Director of DEC. “The process of modelling, ensuring the canal in custom hearing protection is dimensionally correct, with suitable acoustic mass, has been de-skilled. This is the first step in making customised hearing protection available to all.”
We are very excited to partner with DEC
Labs can automatically design custom-fit products with DEC filter technology in our AutoDesign AI system, which has now been approved by the DEC engineering team. As two companies that strongly believe in hearing conservation, we are pleased to automate the CAD process in making custom fitted hearing protection.” - Iain Mcleod, CEO of H3D.

About Dynamic Ear Company (DEC)

Based in Delft, The Netherlands Dynamic Ear Company (a division of Sonova) develops and manufactures innovative hearing protection and sound management solutions for musicians, industry, military and leisure and almost every application where loud sounds can cause permanent hearing damage.

DEC filters change the industry of modern hearing protection by providing unprecedented ‘flat attenuation’’. This allows users to hear sounds in a natural but still a safe way.
DEC products include flat attenuation filters, industrial filters, ambient filter for hearables; automatic variable mechatronic filters, balanced armature earphones and accessories.
The DEC products are available through our worldwide network of manufacturers of custom hearing protection, private label brands distributors, audiologists, resellers and online market places.

About H3D and Autodesign

H3D is a Swinburne University spinout whose mission is to make custom-fit hearing devices accessible for everyday people. We do this by reinventing the custom-fit journey with AI and automation to drastically simplify the scanning and production of custom-fit hearing devices. Since launching in 2018, H3D technology is used by labs, manufacturers, and earphone brands worldwide.

H3D AutoDesign software is a cloud solution to automate 3D CAD design using AI. The system is accessed using a simple web-based dashboard, or via an API for a fully integrated workflow. Uploaded scans are automatically designed using machine learning, enabling labs and manufactures to go directly from scan to print.