H3D is pleased to announce the launch of AutoDesign v3.

H3D is pleased to announce the launch of AutoDesign v3.

This release introduces another industry first: Automation of Pediatric Hearing Aids and Consumer In-Ear Monitors.

AutoDesign v3 includes many other performance, features, and API improvements and will be available for selection in the AutoDesign dashboard from 1st November. H3D will be demoing its capabilities at the EUHA trade show on 18th – 20th October in Nuremberg, Germany  

Support for pediatric orders

To address the needs of our most demanding hearing aid users, small children and babies, our AI is now able to design earmolds that can fit in the tiniest of ears and canals. 

Children with hearing loss require to visit the clinic regularly, and often must wait weeks for the earmold to be produced. Compounding this is the risk of a bad fit, which restarts the cycle and makes it even more frustrating for parents. So we’re thrilled to introduce support for pediatric BTE orders with standard concha designs, reducing waiting times and increasing fit rate for these most fussy of customers. 

AutoDesign v3 is now able to adapt to any type of age group: from newborns to the elderly. 

In-Ear monitors (IEMs) 

AutoDesign V3 is now able to automate the design of hard acrylic and soft silicone In-Ear monitors.  

IEMs are custom fit earphones, and one of the most challenging products to design in the industry. They contain multiple components such as crossovers, bores, cable sockets, faceplates and up to 21 or more tiny speakers. AutoDesign v3 automates the design of all this in around 90 seconds.  

To encapsulate the specific requirements of each IEM manufacturer, AutoDesign can tailor its AI to the intricacies of each design, including generating the faceplate for 3D printing or laser cutting. 

Supporting IEMs was an AI challenge as it involves shells, components and faceplates but the results have had significant impact on our beta customers by massively lowering their return rate.”, says Mykola Yakymchuk, Audio BU Director.
This release now further expands the range of products our AI technology can automate: Earmolds (adult and pediatric), Hearing Protection, RICs and now IEMs. We are on working on completing the full hearing aid AI portfolio of ITEs and custom eartips for many earphones models next years"

AutoDesign is a fully automated CAD solution that uses AI technology to design hearing aids, hearing protection, earphones, and other custom fit ear products. This allows manufacturers, labs and clinics to go directly from 3D scanning to 3D printing, bypassing the need to use complex and expensive CAD software in their production. 

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